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Recognised for their viticultural heritage, parts of these regions are deemed by UNESCO to be ‘of outstanding value to humanity’.

Reims is home to Notre Dame Cathedral, the Gothic art masterpiece where the kings of France were crowned. It is also the most important example in France of an entire town in the architectural style of the 1920s. Visitors can explore prestigious champagne houses discover the Champagne terroir, visiting the vineyards and understanding the know-how and traditions.

Discover Dijon – the capital city of the Burgundy region and known for its autumn gastronomic fair and building styles ranging from Gothic to art deco. The 1787 Musée des Beaux-Arts, situated in the Palace of the Dukes, holds a special collection of paintings, sculptures, crafts and antiquities.

Explore the vineyards, picturesque wine villages and beautiful countryside of the Burgundy region; visit Beaune, which is famous for its Hospice which was a hospital in the 15th century. Enjoy the things this part of France is so well-known for; a wine tasting or a visit to one of many impressive historic monuments.

Hotels in Champagne and Burgundy